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June 11, 2009
7 PM
  M I N U T E S  

ATTENDANCE:   Present: Janet Megow, President, Rick Pechstein, Secretary, Bob Henderson, Treasurer, Terry Matheny, Vice President, Jim Alger, Director, Viki Hamilton, Director and Denny Robinson, Director.  Also present: Karen Paine-Malcolm of Paine-Anderson Properties.  The following residents were in attendance: Joanne Mattie, Dorothy Smith, Margaret Henderson, Jay Olivares, Howard Stroker, John Megow, Shannon & Tracy Taylor, Nancy Pouncy, Holly Foster, Paul Buscemi, Maria Hernandez, Elsie Kania,  Nancy Strong,  Dick Gauchat, Lynn Chobot, Karen Robinson and Josh Snider.  


Certify A Quorum – a quorum was achieved with the presence of seven board members. .

Call To Order – Janet Megow, President called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.


Certify Notice  - Ms Megow certified that the Board of Directors’ Meeting Notice was posted according to the documents and the Florida Statutes.


Approval of Minutes – Bob Henderson moved to approve the minutes as written. Rick seconded, motion carried..


Treasurer’s Report   Glickstein, Laval & Carris provided the year end journal entries. The Board was provided revised balance sheets for January through May 2009. Mary Dantumas office had advised that if the Board wanted fixed assets taken off the balance sheets they must make a motion to do so.


Janet explained that the Accountant had corrected reserve expenses transferred to operating expense. In a past year the former Association accountant had used the tax form 1120 instead of 1120H, causing some confusion.


MOTION: Terry moved  to eliminate fixed assets from the balance sheet, Viki seconded, vote called, motion carried unanimously.


Manager’s Report  Paine-Anderson Properties provided the June Manager’s Report, highlighting issues of importance that were taken care of since the last meeting.



Highlands Homeowners’ Association, Inc.
Board of Directors’ Meeting
June 11, 2009
Page one
Unfinished business

Beautification Grant Update – Janet updated the members as to the progress on the project at the front entrance. She reported that the City had installed several trees at First Street that were not part of the grant. Management is in the process of obtaining two landscape bids for the City’s review.

 New business:
1. ARB Appeal / Shannon Taylor 634 Clearn Ct:
Shannon Taylor was denied a request for allowing lattice work on top of an existing 6’ fence and along his side property line. The basis for the denial was found in the Architectural Guidelines. 1. fencing cannot be higher than 6’ and the lattice would make it 8’   2. Fences must be of solid wood   3. Fencing cannot protrude forward of the front corner of the home.
Mr. Shannon appealed to the Board. He stated that his property backs to the nature trail. He has had a problem with persons climbing his fence coming into his back yard. He has planted vines to cover the lattice and believes the extra height will deter persons coming into his yard. He believes it is a matter of safety.

The problem seems to be two fold: 1. is the lattice a “fence” or a decorative top?   and  

2. it is not a fence forward of the home but rather a landscaping support ?
MOTION: Denny moved that in the interest of safety the owner be allowed to keep the lattice up behind the home. Further to allow the side lattice to remain for up to one year to allow shrub growth, subject to City approval, at which point it must be removed. Bob seconded, vote called, 6 yea, Jim nay, motion carried.
2.  Insurance:
At issue should the Association pay the insurance premiums up front rather than financing.  Renewal for property, general liability and D & O is $ 22,885. Financing at 8.5% would cost an additional $ 760.13.  Premium for automobile is $1612.11. If paid upfront cost would be $ 1,452.42 an additional savings of $ 158.70. Umbrella coverage premium is $ 2,263.42.

MOTION:  Viki moved to pay all of the insurance premiums up front, a cost saving of

$ 919.82.  Rick seconded, vote called, motion carried unanimously.
Highlands Homeowners’ Association, Inc.
Board of Directors’ Meeting
June 11, 2009
Page two

Resident Input


Joanne Mattie expressed concern for the safety of the office staff in light of the recent escapee caught two blocks from the clubhouse. She suggested we contact Brinks for an emergency panic silent alarm.  Management will contact Brinks for a cost on such a device.


Holly Foster and several of her neighbors brought to the Board’s attention that a neighbor at 804 Kilt Ct repeatedly shoots fireworks into the air every holiday. His fireworks have caused damage to several properties, hitting roofs and garage doors in the surrounding neighborhood. The police have responded when called but only warnings cited. Neighbors are frightened and pets scared. One elderly neighbor hides in her bathtub she is so terrified by the fireworks.


Bob Henderson will contact Kevin Brunelle, police chief and Denny agreed to put an article in the Highlander. Management will send a letter to 804 Kilt warning against use of fireworks in the close proximity to the homes.


Dot Smith stated that her neighbor, Elsie Kania had received the very prestigious Petersen award at a Seminole County Community awards ceremony.


Adjournment – There being no other business to come before the Board, Denny moved to adjourn at 8:00 pm.  Viki seconded.  Motion carried.   Next meeting is scheduled for July 9, 2009.


Respectfully submitted for the Secretary,


Karen Paine-Malcolm                          

   For Peg Reardon                                                    
Date:  June 12, 2009
         Highlands Homeowners Association
Board of Directors Meeting
June 11, 2009
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THURSDAY, May 12, 2011

7:00 P.M.







ATTENDANCE:   Present: Marla Sullivan, President, Bob Henderson, Vice President, Rick Pechstein, Secretary, Denny Robinson, Treasurer, and Janet Megow, Director. Absent:  Viki Hamilton, Director and Louis Hilal, Director. Also present: Karen Paine Malcolm and Peg Reardon of Paine-Anderson Properties Inc., 8 residents, and Greg Ingram/Guest Speaker.  Certify A Quorum – a quorum was achieved with the presence of five (5) board members. Call To Order – Marla called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.Certify Notice - Marla certified that the Board of Directors’ Meeting Notice was posted in accordance with the governing documents and the Florida Statutes.*Guest Speaker – Greg Ingram, of Ingram & Fennessey, General Contractor, reviewed the Scope of Work pertaining to the Marni Nature Trail Bridge, and presented his proposal.Approval of Minutes – MOTION:  Bob moved to approve the Minutes of April 14, 2011 as submitted.  Denny seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimouslyTreasurer’s Report – Denny presented the paperwork that needs to be signed by the four corporate officers in order to open a money market account at 5/3rd Bank. Regions Capital Improvement account will be closed and the funds will be deposited into 5/3rd Bank.  Final copies of the Year End Financial were distributed to the board members for their records.  Copies are available upon written request by residents.Manager’s Report – Peg Reardon reviewed the Manager’s Report for April. (Copy attached).   Unfinished business:.  Newsletter – Janet suggested that the Association hire the services of Steve Rossler to facilitate the input onto the Highlands’ web site. Steve has done such a great job on the past two Highlanders.  Janet will bring a proposal to the June meeting if Steve is willing and available to do this job.Phase II Lighting – Janet announced that she is the negotiation process at this time with Progress Energy. New business: Marni Bridge – MOTION - Denny moved to approve the proposal submitted by Greg Ingram of Ingram & Fennessey, in the amount not to exceed $15,000, to make repairs to the Marni Nature Trail Bridge.  Bob seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.  MOTION: Bob moved to close the Marni Bridge as soon as possible and to post three signs at the three entrances noticing the residents that the bridge is closed.  Denny seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.  The board discussed the Soldier’s Creek walk bridge. The city of Winter Springs will be making repairs to that bridge in the near future and they will notify us when ready to do this project as we may share the expenses.    Highlands Homeowners’ Association, Inc.Board of Directors’ MeetingMay 12,2011Page 2  Swimming Pool Issues – The members discussed how to solve some issues at the pool including kids jumping the fence to enter, and adding more hours to the attendants’ schedule whenever there is no school.  As these policies are already in force, management will re-enforce the duties with the pool attendants to have the attendants use staff discretion to eject people who are not following the rules.Golf cart – Rick moved to expend no more than $5,000 to replace the burned out golf cart with a 2008 EZ Go golf cart.  Janet seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.Resident Input – Jim Brennan thanked the board for re-opening the kiddie pool.  Doc Holloway asked if other bridges on the trail are getting repairs as he noted some loose handrails.  Adjournment There being no other business to come before the Board, Rick moved to adjourn at 8:20 pm. Janet seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  The next regular Board Meeting is scheduled for June 9, 2011.   Respectfully submitted for the Secretary,  
Peg Reardon , CAM                                                         Approved: Marla Sullivan, PresidentDate:  ___________