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Winter Springs Police Department
Email Alerts and Notification System

The City Of Winter Springs has an emergency email notification system
known as eAlerts.  With eAlerts you can receive emergency alerts via
your home or work email inbox!  The eAlerts will be sent out by the
Police Department, Public Works/Utilities and City Hall to inform concerned
citizens of important information.  Citizens may chose which eAlerts they
would like to receive from a list of categories:


*  Missing persons and children alerts
*  Major traffic alerts
*  Health risk alerts
*  Criminal alert bulletin
*  Sexual predators living in city
*  Gas leak alerts
*  Boil water alerts
*  Bomb threat alerts
*  Hazardous waste spills
*  Hurricane and tornado information


The City Of Winter Springs also has an email notification system for
non-emergency events known as eCitizen.  This system works the
same as eAlerts and will send notifications to your home or work
email inbox.  The list of categories to choose from are as follows:


*  City and Police newsletter
*  Press releases
*  Job openings
*  Special events and concerts
*  And more coming soon!


To sign up for eAlerts and eCitizen, please visit the
City website at
www.winterspringsfl.org and click on eAlerts or
eCitizen in the left side menu.  Sign up is simple, free and it will
take only a minute.  Just enter your email address and select
which alerts and notifications you would like to receive. 
You may sign up as many email addresses as you like,
so be the first in your neighborhood or area to receive valuable information!



Records Requests Online

Public records requests can now be made online at this Web site: www.winterspringsfl.org/EN/web/find/codes/records/recordssearch.htm.


Please fill in the boxes with as much information as possible to help our clerks locate the report.


The following information is necessary to identify the record:

  • Case or event number (if available)
  • Location of offense / incident
  • Date of offense / incident
  • Subject or victim name


Please wait until at least three (3) business days after the date of the offense / incident to request copies of the reports. A clerk will contact you to advise you of the cost of the copies and to gather any additional necessary information. The cost of the copies of reports is as follows:

  • Single-paged copy, $0.15
  • Double-sided single-paged copy, $0.20
  • Copies of photos, video & audio tapes, the cost of actual duplication

If the request is very extensive in nature, an additional cost could be included to cover the work required to meet the request. All payments must be paid to the clerk in CASH ONLY.


Neighborhood Watch

How do I start or become part of a Neighborhood Watch Group in my area? You can contact either Cpl. Justin Cavanagh (407-327-7565) or Cpl. Kevin Chaulk (407-407-327-7551), Community Relations Officers. They can tell you about specific Neighborhood Watch groups or can talk to you about starting a group in your neighborhood. They can also provide you with information on the securing of homes and businesses against crime, as well as crime prevention, lock box program, HOA presentations, coordinating movie nights, senior services, youth sports, and more.

Please make sure your homes, vehicles and businesses are secured. report any suspicious activity to the Winter Springs Police Department at 407-327-1000


Public Fingerprinting

Fingerprinting is done on each Friday from 2pm to 4pm in the Winter Springs Police Department Lobby.


There is a charge of $5 per card for Winter Springs residents and $15 per card for non­residents. We accept only cash and you must present photo identification (i.e. driver's license, military 10 or passport).


Online Service Spotlight

The Winter Springs Police Department takes a proactive stance on traffic enforcement because we know that traffic enforcement directly affects crime and crashes. The proactive approach can be effective only with information provided by our community. We rely on information from our citizens to help us identify specific problem areas within the community. If you want to report a problem please go : 

www.winterspringsfl.org/EN/web/dept/43058/45795/traffic_enforcement.htm and fill out the form provided.

Have a certified Crime Prevention Officer conduct a FREE CONFIDENTIAL security check of your home or business. Items that will be checked include locks, deadbolt, shrubbery, windows, and lighting. Allow us to help make your home or business a "TOUGH TARGET". 


To have a certified Crime Prevention Officer conduct a FREE CONFIDENTIAL security check of your home or business, contact:


Corporal Dave Smith 407-327-7956, email: dsmith@winterspringsfl.org

Corporal Nick Romano 407-327-7955, email: nromano@winterspringsfl.org


Credit Consolidation Scam

When done through a reputable company, credit consolidation is a great way to simplify your financial responsibilities. Unfortunately, it is also a great way to run a scam. Many scam artists see credit consolidation as a way of garnering personal information.


The scam artist will use a snipe sign, bulletin-board sign, or maybe even a sign in the rear window of a vehicle. The signs typically reads, "Reduce your debt, ask me how!" or "Fast credit." You may see the ads in the form of an E-mail or pop-up while you are surfing the net. These people want your personal financial information. They want to use it to apply for credit, but they have no intention of using that credit for your benefit. All they will do for you is charge a fee on your credit account or debit your checking account. After they have charged you, they will sell your information as part of a larger package of personal information from all of the people they have scammed.


This generates the information used to commit identity theft. In order to reduce the chances of being scammed by a consolidation of credit, keep your financial and personal information closely guarded. One way to do so is to consolidate through your bank, accountant, or broker. Many banks offer financial counseling. Your bank already knows you as a customer and has access to your personal financial information. Your banks can work with you and your credit history to build a manageable plan.


Homeowners can use home equity to consolidate credit. A change in earning potential and earning-to-debt ratio may have altered your qualifications for certain programs or packages offered by your bank. You may qualify for refinancing by which credit card debt and vehicle payments can be consolidated.


Any way you choose, use someone you trust and know, and don't send your information out into cyberspace or the phone lines. This is one of the many instances where meeting face to face with another person is definitely the preferred method.


Citizen Advisory Committee:


The Winter Springs Citizens Advisory Committee meets the
second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Winter
Springs Senior Center.


The CAC started in 1998 with about 5 citizens and has grown strong with over 50 members. The CAC is comprised mainly of Homeowners Association board members, Neighborhood Watch members, and concerned citizens. The members of CAC meet with the police chief and his command staff. The chief gives the monthly departmental statistics, and
the commanders tell what is happening within their respective bureaus. There is a roundtable discussion, and each attendee of the meeting is given the opportunity to share what is happening in their community and to ask questions.


If you have any questions or would like to join us, please feel free to call Winter Springs Police at 407-327-7955.


Senior Well Being Program


There is a program that is available to check on senior citizens in the city.
The program is called "Are you okay?". 


The resident will need to fill out a form that would include any information for emergency contacts, medicines, doctors and hospitals. 


They also choose the time of day they wish to be called.  For further information call 407-327-1000.



Lock Box Program


The Lock Box Program is intended to provide Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) access to your residence in the event of an emergency in which you are unable to open the door.


A key to your residence will be stored in a secure metal storage device, similar to a realtor's lock box, near the entrance to your residence. The access code to the lock box will be available only to Police, Fire, or EMS personnel and will be used only during an emergency. Who is eligible?


Although all City of Winter Springs residents are eligible, the program is targeted toward community members aged 55 and older as well as disabled persons who live alone or have major medical issues.


How much does it cost?


Those who meet the targeted criteria (above) do not have to pay anything to participate in the program. All other Winter Springs citizens wishing to participate pay a onetime fee of $17.00 to cover the cost of the lock.


All participants will have to provide a spare key to be used in the lock box.


How do I know this program is safe?


An officer from the police department will install the device, demonstrate how the lock operates, and answer any questions you may have. The four-digit combination on the lock box will be available only to responding emergency personnel and will be reset to a new combination in the event of emergency use.


How do I get started?


Call the Winter Springs Police Department's Community Services Bureau at 407-327-7999.